Year 6 Homework

In the run up to SATs, we will be setting Literacy and Numeracy homework on these days:

Monday to hand in Wednesday

Wednesday to hand in Friday

Friday to hand in Monday

June: We will return to normal homework now that SATs are over (although some may be missed due to Production rehearsals, sports days and trips etc!).
Literacy and Spellings: Monday to hand in/test on Friday

Tables Test on Wednesday

Maths: Friday to hand in Monday

10 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework

  1. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    Monday 23rd
    Literacy Grammar p8 verbs (Sats book p6-8)
    Numeracy Question book p9 (study book p21-22)

  2. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    Wednesday 25th March
    Literacy for Friday: Grammar P9 verbs(study book p6-8)
    Maths for Friday Question P 10 rounding(study p23-24)

  3. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    holiday homework
    Literacy: sats book: read p 6-8 Grammar p 41 and 42 making verbs
    sats book: read p 10-11Grammar p 13 and 14 adjectives
    study book: read p25-30 Question book p11 and 12 mental and p13 money
    study book: read p50-53 Question book p25 number patterns

  4. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    homework for Wednesday:
    Literacy Study book p1-15 revision Grammar P19
    Maths Sats book p47 Question p24 + tables sheet

  5. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    homework for Friday 24th April
    sats book p1-15 Grammar p20
    Maths study book p15-16 question book p7 + tables sheet

  6. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    No spellings this week – if you have the spelling sats book, we will be using this in the last run up to the sats.
    Homework this week:
    Monday to hand in Wednesday:
    Literacy: Grammar p 22 (Sats bookp1-15) and Spelling book p7
    Numeracy: Question p29 (study p60-61) and tables sheet

    Wednesday to hand in Friday:
    Literacy: Grammar p 23 (Sats bookp18-19) and Spelling book p8
    Numeracy: Question p30 (study p60-61) and tables sheet

    Wednesday to hand in Friday:
    Literacy: Grammar p 29 and p 30 (Sats bookp22-23) and Spelling book p9
    Numeracy: Question p32 (study p64-65) and tables sheet

  7. Mrs Smaggasgale Post author

    homework this week is Tuesday to hand in on Friday
    Literacy: read Sats book p41
    Punctuation book p29 dashes Spelling book p27
    Numeracy: read study book p72-74
    Question book p37 and p 38 3D shapes and nets
    + tables sheet

    Friday homework to hand in Monday
    Literacy: read Sats book p24-25
    Grammar book p31-32 standard English
    Numeracy: read study book p80-82 Units
    Question book p43
    + tables sheet


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