How to comment

How to comment
We discussed how to write a comment on other people’s work. This is what we decided to include:

1. ** and a wish:

Write about two things that you liked about their work and include a quote from their work in speech marks e.g.

I liked your description of the monster, especially his ‘eyes were like deep pools of fire’.

Give them one thing to improve and include an example e.g.

You could use an adverb to help describe your monster e.g. the monster crept slowly out of the deep hole.

2. Comment on something that connects you to their work e.g.

I have read a similar ghost story but in that one it turned out to be a mouse in the end.

Or ask them a question e.g

Why was this your favourite holiday?

3. Leave your blog address so that they can come and read your work too.

4. Proof read your work – maybe type it in Word so that you can spellcheck it, then copy and paste it into the comment box.

Remember to be positive but give constructive advice!

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